Aikido After-School Program

These are some of the concepts and techniques that we teach in our after-school programs.

Please refer to your specific school schedule to find out more about dates, times, and prices for the program.

If you are with a school looking to add an afterschool program, please call us at 518-439-7939 or email us at:

After-School Program Curriculum:

Student Creed:

I am developing myself in a positive manner, avoiding anything that reduces my mental growth or physical health.

I am developing self discipline, bringing out the best in myself and others.

I am using what I learn in class, constructively and defensively, helping myself and others and never being abusive or offensive. Sir!


Rules in class:

The most important thing is …SAFETY FIRST!

Raise 1 hand if you have a question.

Raise 2 hands if you need the bathroom or a drink

If the teacher says “Focus!”, stand at attention and look at the teacher.

If the teacher claps 3 times, then you clap 3 times and stand at attention and look at the teacher.


Onegai Shamasu – (own – a-guy, shu-ma-ss) = “Please” (used for the beginning of class for “Please teach me” and during class for “Please practice with me”)

Domo Arigato = Thank you

Mukso = meditate (close your eyes, relax, and focus on breathing and what you are learning)

Sensei = teacher

Ohio Gozai-masu = Good Morning

Koneechi-wa = Good Afternoon

Kone-Ban-Wa = Good Evening


1= Ichi                   2= Ni                      3= San                   4= She                  5=Go

6= Roku                7= Shichi              8= Hachi               9= Kyu                  10= Ju

11 = Ju + Ichi         20 = 2 x 10 = Ni-Ju          30 =San-Ju                          100= Hyaku

Techniques we are learning:

Blocking Kata

Hanmi Stance Kata

Gripping Kata

If you have any questions, feel free to contact  Rick Wolslayer, Aikido School of Self Defense, 3 Normanskill Boulevard, Delmar, NY 12054,,   E-mail:,   Phone: 518-439-7939

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